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Jason and Judith, proud owners of the multiple award winning Yorkshire Trike Tours, have spent many years developing these amazing chauffeur driven Boom Mustang motor trike tours, throughout the stunning Yorkshire Dales National Park. Think Billy Connolly route 66... well that's us!

They have designed all their tour offerings to include local historic and famous landmarks, monuments and tourist attractions located all around the stunning Yorkshire Dales National Park. All tours are accompanied by live commentary, via the on-board intercom system, directly to ear pieces that are hidden away in your helmets. Cruising the tracks and roads, they tell their customers all about local historical facts, dates, Dales names, even how it all came about. They also include funny Yorkshire folk stories, wars, ruined castles, abbeys, buildings and so much more. The helmets are also fitted with microphones too, to enable passengers to ask the chauffeur any questions relating to the Dales or ask for explainations of any of the facts in greater detail or just whether "is it time for a coffee stop?"

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Boom triking the Yorkshire Dales, just like Billy Connolly...

What a view from your seat. See, feel & experience the Yorkshire Dales like never before...

Video produced by one of our customers enjoying their winter trike tour.

Exciting new video from Live Every Minute. Boom triking the Yorkshire Dales, it's awesome.

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